Monday, April 18, 2016

Korean Haircuts and Painted Nails

Helllloooo Everybody!!! Son of a gun... Another week gone...
          This week was so great. I want to tell you of a few changes that happened this week. This week I got my first sunburn, I ran a 5k, I got my fingernails painted in sacrament meeting by a little girl, got a Korean haircut (against my own decision) and had a man buy us some food simply because he loved Americans. And then lastly, the biggest change I experienced this week was that for the first time in four months, we had two investigators at church. It was the neatest experience to have them there. One was really overwhelmed never having went to church before, and the other we have a return appointment to meet with him. We're definitely seeing miracles right now. Keep your fingers crossed they'll keep progressing!
          This week I was thinking about home, and how around this time of year, the water is turned on. I was thinking about Millsite Reservoir and how people were always wondering if it was going to be full enough to provide water for the summer. In my life, we've experienced dry summers, wet summers, and everything in between. It's all according to if the reservoir is filled with enough water right?? This week I couldn't think about filling our own personal reservoirs.
          Like it takes a lot of water to provide for our little town, it takes a lot of "water" for us to bless those around us. We each have a personal reservoir in which we must fill with scripture study, service, sincere prayer, and with the pure love of Christ. There's been times when my reservoir has been dry. When it's dry, we can't spill over in order to help those around us. It's only when our reservoirs have plenty of water that we can truly bless those around us. We are in charge of filling our own personal reservoirs. We can never have too much water. It's amazing how a little bit of water, or in this case, spiritual enlightment, can bless those around us. May we always do the basics. May we always have a strong foundation in Jesus Christ as we fill our personal reservoirs each and every day with the things of the gospel. I know that as we do so, we can truly touch the lives of all those around us.
          This week I am grateful for miracles. Although I always feel inadequate to be doing what I'm doing, I see God's hand in the work. He's there and He hears my prayers, and answers them according to my faith. He blesses us and loves more than I can comprehend. He provides everything for me in the mission field, and to Him I hope to give everything so He can continue to bless me. I sure love my Savior more than words will ever describe.
          I love you all and miss you all dearly. I can't help but think of home and just be filled with pure gratitude for all that I've been blessed with. I love you all and thank you from the sincerity of my heart.

Elder Roper

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