Monday, January 23, 2017


     Great to be writing another email. It's been another week that has just flown by. Our week started off with a broken water heater, and we're still without hot water. It's been an interesting week in a four man house without it. Carrying buckets, and boiling water right. But a little a work and cold water never hurt anybody right? (; This week has been cold (in Korean terms) as we're hitting just below freezing on most days. It's nothing compared to Utah, but at least for here it's been a lot colder. It's been a great week though. Lots of exchanges, and traveling around the mission. I love learning from all the missionaries.
     Yesterday, we had an investigator at church that I would like to talk about for just a few minutes. He has committed to a baptismal date in a few weeks, and yesterday as he walked into the church, I looked him over as he came up and shook my hand. Looking at his feet, his shoes didn't fit, and he had no socks. His feet revealed lots of wear and tear, and I could tell they hadn't been washed in quite a long time. Looking up, his pants were dirty, his jacket covered in dirt, and other stuff. Looking upward,  his hair going in every direction, and really dirty and greasy. It was obvious that he hadn't showered in days, his clothes hadn't been washed, and even the smell confirmed it. However, there he was, sitting in the church, coming to serve the Savior. 
     I have a great love for this man. He's humble, he loves the Savior, and he's learning to be more like him with each week. Yesterday while teaching him and preparing him for his baptism in a few weeks, we asked him the question, "What things are you grateful for that the Savior has given you??"
     The old man, who’s in his fifties, looked at us without hesitation and said, "I'm grateful for lots. But I'm most grateful that I got to have a wedding, and I'm grateful that I have a son." I almost came to tears as I realized how profound that statement was.... He is divorced, and he hasn't seen his son in a long time. But the thing he is most grateful for is "the opportunity to have been married, and the opportunity to have had a son and been a father." A humble man, no family, no money, no job, basically no home, yet so grateful for all that he's been given in his life.
     I've been thinking about this investigator and my heart was filled with the Holy Ghost. And my simple message today comes in a couple simple questions. What are you grateful for? What have you shown gratitude for? What do you look forward to knowing the Savior is by your side? I hope these simple questions will invite the spirit into your life as you recognize God's hand in your life. I know that blessed are the poor and meek, and humble in spirit. It all starts with the simple gift of gratitude.
     I love the Savior, and I'm grateful for not only his hand in my life, but in the lives of those around me. He touches those who let Him in. And it's always up to us to open the door. I love the gospel, and I testify with all my soul that it is true. I know that. I'm so grateful to be a member of it in these latter days.
     I love you all and am sincerely grateful as always. I have the greatest support and I'm grateful for your continuous love and support. Have a wonderful week and I'll talk to ya'll soon!

Elder Roper

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