Monday, April 3, 2017

Acting In Faith

Hey everybody!
     Another transfer has come and went! Like always, it flew by, and I'll be fortunate and grateful to stay in my area and receive a new companion named Elder Sung Jisoo. I know that it will be a great transfer filled with a ton of miracles and so much happening. Right now we have a very large investigator pool but they just won't seem to act on anything. Keep your fingers crossed that they'll start acting on their faith.
     Despite the normal week of proselyting, meetings, and transfers, I saw a huge miracle of someone who exercised their faith. Throughout my mission I've often sent letters of a great friend of mine by the name of Bryan. He's from the Philippines. Originally going to college, dropped out so his brother could go because his family didn't have enough money to support both of them. After he left college, he came to Korea, where he's been supporting his entire family through his paycheck. Each paycheck he sends home all the money to support a very large and poor family.  
     A few months back, Bryan, physically struggling due to the huge workload he was carrying in work, had to quit his job. Spending six days a week carrying and loading heavy metals, the job was literally killing Bryan. Knowing he couldn't do it, he took a leap of faith and quit his job. Whenever foreigners quit their jobs, they have three months to find a new job before they are immediately sent back to their country.
     Bryan, having no job, no money, very few friends, has struggled since he quit his job. He has been homeless, he has eaten nothing for most of that time. He has been sleeping in public bath houses, the only warm place he could find. But never once did I hear him complain, whine, or say anything negative. He has always told me that it would work out. 
     This week has signified that Bryan only has one week left to find a job. He's has countless interviews hoping to find one. With only a few days remaining, and having been in contact with Bryan, I got home one night to see I had a missed call from him. I had also had a text. I read the text which simply stated, "Hey Elder Roper, I found the perfect job. Thanks for all of your prayers."
     With days remaining, Bryan has continued to act in faith, trust in God, and face all his trials head on. He knew it would work out. And I know that because of his faith, he has found a job that is physically good for him, will give him everything he needs, and will even continue to help him support his poor family.
     The gospel of Jesus Christ is centered on faith. Like fuel in a car, we can't go anywhere without it. We could have the nicest car, but if there's no fuel, you'll never move or get where you're going. Even when the times are hard, the questions many, and tears unending, may we cleave to the first principle of the gospel by acting in faith on the Lord Jesus Christ. May we all remember the simple request of the Savior who said, "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not." May we never doubt and push forward in all that we do like my friend Bryan, knowing that the Lord will deliver us and put us exactly where he needs us to be.
     I love you guys. I miss you tons. Thanks for the letters, love, and support. I'm always so grateful. Can't wait to write again next week!

Elder Roper

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