Monday, November 30, 2015


Hey Everybody! Hope ya'll had a great Thanksgiving! That rice sure tasted good over here! (;
      This week was definitely a "downer week" with the missionary work. Our investigators won't progress, we can't seem to get new investigators, and it's been super hard. We've been working our guts out trying to get new investigators, but right now, it doesn't seem to be happening. As a missionary, it's sooo easy to get frustrated and wonder why people won't accept our message. The harder we work, it seems the less success we have. However, as we continue to walk down the path, we're continuing to grow, and we know that someone will come into our lives that's suppose to be there and are prepared.
      This week I've been thinking a lot about progress. How we can progress in our lives? It seems in missionary work that progress is minimal in yourself because you know how much you have to work on to be better.  It's a constant battle. I've learned that the battle of progress is with ourselves every single day. Battling within ourselves to become who we're constantly trying and wanting to be.
      Nearly two years ago I was diagnosed with a blood clot. At the time it had been by far the most difficult thing I'd ever faced. Now, looking back... it proved to be my greatest blessing. After having had four surgeries, being in ICU, and having my rib taken out, ( Don't be making any Adam and Eve jokes here either haha!) Sunday finally rolled around. I was exhausted to say the least. But even in the hospital, bed ridden, I learned a valuable lesson that day.
      A man came in unexpectedly and asked what religion we were. We responded we were LDS, and he went and grabbed a man who would come and bless, and pass the sacrament to us. The man came in and laid the bread and water at the foot of my bed, covering them both. We bowed our heads, and listened as the man began to utter the sacrament prayer. Being a priest, I quickly realized that a mistake had been made as he said it. The man, knowing he had made a mistake as well, offered a quick but sincere apology and began to start again. He said it flawlessly in which we were able to partake, and renew our covenants with our Heavenly Father. 
      Progress, is like a man messing up when blessing the sacrament. When it's not done exactly perfect, it has to be redone. We acknowledge our mistakes in our life all the time, and earnestly offer an apology before starting over again. Like the sacrament prayer, it doesn't matter how many times we have to say it, or how many times we mess up. All that matters is that when we do get it right, it's counted as perfect in the eyes of our Heavenly Father.
      In Korea I make sooo many mistakes. Whether it's the language, trying to be a good missionary, or simply not knowing what to do... I make a ton of mistakes! But,I have to remind myself that I get as many chances as I need when I'm sincerely trying to be the very best I can. No matter how long it takes, and when I do get it right, it will be counted as perfect. 
      I'm grateful that a missionary I get to experience this road of progression. Every single day is another day on the road of becoming like Christ. Despite my mistakes He's magnifying them to help me in every single way. I know the atonement is real and works as we earnestly and sincerely strive to progress. I know Christ lives and is the literal Son of God. He's always there. I'm grateful to be so close to a loving Father in Heaven at this time in my life. I know it's true.
      Thanks everyone! I miss and love you all! I'm continually grateful for the thoughts and all the prayers. I feel them each and every day. Love you all can't wait for next week!

Elder Roper


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