Sunday, December 13, 2015

Following Footsteps

Hey everybody! Where are the days going?!?
     It's almost Christmas I can't believe it! The days are flying by, and the spirit of Christ grows stronger by the day as Christmas grows closer. I have no snow, no cold weather, lights, or a tree, but boy is this month so special to me. What a gift to give to Christ as a missionary, and more importantly, what a gift He's given me for this opportunity.
     "Tyson, your little sister acts just like you when you were a little kid. She even looks exactly like you!" I had heard it over, and over again. At times, I never believed it. However, looking at it now, I realize that my little sister Haidyn is exactly like me. 
     Last week as my mom told me that my little sister had joined her first traveling basketball team. I remember doing the exact same thing over ten years ago as I was given the opportunity. I shed tears when my mom said that Haid got to choose her number, and that she chose number twenty-four. My high school basketball number. Tears came to my eyes as she followed my example as an athlete. No less, I began to weep when my mom said she will play her first game at Orem High School next week, the place where I played one of my very last high school basketball games only ten months ago. I was touched that out of everyone, she chose to follow me. I'm so grateful for her and for everything she's done for me, and the spiritual giant she's becoming, even at ten years old. What a blessing she is to me. It's safe to say that although at times I wouldn't recommend it, my little sister is following exactly in my footsteps.
     This life is about following the path which has been set for us. As my little sister has began to follow my example, (for some insane reason) we have to follow Christ's example. As a young kid, I did all I could to live up to my parent's example, my sisters, grandparents, and everyone else around me. It was all about following those who I looked up to. Each example has led me to follow the pure example of our Savior, Jesus Christ. This life is about having one set of footprints in our sand. We can't take our own path, but must walk, hand in hand with our Savior, down the one path that's already been foreordained for us. 
     My little sister's example of choosing number twenty-four made me think of the "game" that we're playing in this life of following Jesus Christ. Not only do we have to wear the same uniform as Christ when we play on His team, but we have to play on the same court, and within the same boundaries that He has set for us. In the mission field, I don't have the name Emery written across my chest. Instead, I have the name Jesus Christ upon my chest. May we all take upon us the name of Christ, and play on the same court in which He has played. Follow His example, and become as He is. I pray that this Christmas season, we will have only one set of footprints in our sand... well, I guess in your case, the snow. (; Personally to my little sister Haidyn... Thank you for teaching me this lesson. I love you, I miss you more than words will even describe, and I am so proud of the spiritual growth you are making each and every day. Words can't describe what you mean to me. 
     I love my Savior and I love this Christmas season. It's sooo much different than anything I've ever done, but so incredible to be revolved around Christ. What a blessing. I know this Christmas season we can give everything we have to Christ. I know He lives. He is the King of Kings, The Prince of Peace, and our Redeemer. May we always follow and exemplify Him. So grateful to be a missionary serving Him.
     I love you all. Words can't describe the love I have for every single bit of support I get. It means the world. Thanks for everything everybody! Love you guys talk to ya'll soon! Can't wait!

Elder Roper

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