Monday, February 20, 2017


Hey everybody!
     Another week has flown by here! They never seem to slow down. It was the last week of the transfer and we were busy with preparing transfers all week long and getting everything ready for the new transfer. This week I've been transferred and right now I'm in the process of packing and getting ready to leave. It's been a great blessing to serve in mission headquarters and although no transfer is easy, I look forward to new opportunities to apply the things I've learned from other great leaders. I've been transferred to the area of Jinju, and I’m serving with a great missionary named Elder Aurich. It'll be a great transfer and I'm really excited to move forward for my last few transfers here in Korea.
     This week amidst all the goodbyes, I got to meet with an old investigator of mine who I've often talked about. His name is M.C. Mickey. He's been my rapper investigator, and has really struggled with some addictions, lack of faith, and a lack of faith in the Atonement. Knowing I was leaving, he came to church yesterday to see me one last time.
     His problems have only gotten worse since he stopped meeting with the missionaries. His trials have gotten larger, relationships worse, and everything seems to be falling apart. Again,  yesterday, he told of us the same story of how he got there, and what he thought was going to fix it (becoming a famous rapper).  He will not make any commitments to do anything hard, and he won't desire to change. In particular, his drinking and smoking habits continue to hold him back. And he told us yesterday that they were habits that were impossible to give up. 
     To this man who I've thought about for months, and knowing this would be the very last time I saw him, I was very straight forward and bold with him. He told us again that he wasn't willing to try and overcome his addictions and that he just wouldn't do it. With great love, I looked at my rapper investigator, and confidently said. "M.C. Mickey, I want you to understand something. I've given up two years of my life. I gave up everything I had. I gave up family, friends, school, jobs, and put every little thing behind me so I could teach you this message. I gave up everything, and you won't give up anything." He looked at me as tears filled his eyes. The spirit told him that it was true.  I bore him my witness of the gospel in power and authority, and told him that it was true. I told him that I would probably never see him again, but from here on out it was his choice of whether to accept it, or to deny it. I told him it was up to him of what he would sacrifice from that point on. 
      In our lives, it's up to us what we'll sacrifice for the gospel. We all have weaknesses, trials, and challenges, but in the end we choose if we'll do what's right or not. When I chose to serve as a missionary, I gave my heart away, and I've never really gotten it back because I've trusted the Savior with it. When I gave my heart to him, he opened up new opportunities, new growth, and change. We only get where we're wanting to be by doing things that we've never done before. We must always push forward in faith with hope, trusting in the Savior and His plan for us. We must know that all sacrifices we make will be worth it if we continue in them. No matter how hard the trial, how dim the hope, or fade the pathway that we need to walk, I leave you with my witness of sacrifice for the Savior, and how it will change our lives if we only give it to Him. 
     I love the gospel, and I'm so grateful that it's changed my life in so many profound ways. It's a gospel of change but only if we allow it to change us. As move forward, use the Atonement, and do the best we can, I promise that Christ will magnify us in our lives. 
     I love you all and thank you for your support like always. I have the best support, and I'm always just so grateful for everything. Talk to you next week can't wait!

Elder Roper

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