Thursday, July 9, 2015

Walk Towards The Savior

Hey everyone!
         Quote of the Week to start! A man asked Gordon B. Hinckley once how he knew the church was true. President Hinckley looked at the man and said, "I know it's true, because God told me it was true." Just something to get you guys thinking (;
         It's been another great week here at the MTC! I just absolutely love every single day. Every day I’m learning so much and I’m just so happy to be here. The joy I feel each day can't be described.
         My week started out with my most "embarrassing" moment so far here in the MTC. We were teaching an investigator and trying to speak Korean, and let me tell you guys that one letter makes a huge difference in the language. I was trying to tell the investigator that if she was faithful, she could receive eternal life. Well...translated to English, “yong seng” is eternal life, and “yong song” is dragon spirit. I told my investigator that if she was faithful, she could receive the dragon spirit. Whoops...haha! One stinking letter or sound makes all the difference. But hey... if the dragon spirit isn't enough to get you motivated, then I don't know what will (; But in all honesty, I'm progressing so much in the language. Only through the hand of Christ could we learn this much in only two weeks. The gift of tongues is real. I experience it every single day.
         July 4th was such a special day here in the MTC as well. I may have missed the fireworks, the small town gatherings, and the people I love more than anything. However, I gained a testimony of our nation and how the gospel played role in it. I know we were foreordained to be leaders in preparation for the gospel. Heavenly Father prepared this nation, knowing a young Joseph Smith would seek to find the truth. It was unlike any 4th of July I've ever had, but one I'll always hold close to my heart.
         Lastly, like always, the devotionals are so powerful. One story stands out to me in particular. In Matthew 14:25-33, Peter asks Christ if he can join the Savior on the water, in which the Savior says he can. However, only through faith will he be able to do so. Peter steps onto the water and stays afloat for a moment before the weather begins to stir up. Making Peter fear, he begins to sink. Peter cries out, "Oh Lord, save me." Instantly, the Savior raises him up and delivers him. Like Peter, we must step out of the boat in pure faith, and walk towards the Savior despite the howling storms in our life, knowing that when we begin to sink, the Lord will deliver us. We must have faith to walk on water and do miracles. But to do so, we must first, have faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ. I know that to be true.
         I absolutely love my mission so far. I've grown so much in only two weeks in my knowledge of the gospel and the Savior. I've come to find that the heart teaches the mind according to our deepest desires. Because of that, I'm truly coming to know the Savior personally. I know He lives. I know He loves me more than I can comprehend and I'm so grateful for that. Thanks so much for the prayers and thoughts. I feel them each day. Thanks for the support. I love you guys. Talk to you all next week!

Love, Elder Roper

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