Monday, March 7, 2016

"Are You the Mormons?"

Helloooo everybody!
      What a week of miracles! This week was a huge push to try and get new investigators to teach and testify to. Me and my companion worked our guts teaching and talking with everyone. It really paid off this week. One experience really sticks out in particular that I'd like to share this week that taught me a lesson of missionary work, and how we can always improve in our lives as we strive to continually follow Jesus Christ.
      This week we received a ton of rain in the town that we were serving in. It rained for three or four days straight. One night during weekly planning we had three hours of free time and I suggested that we should go tracting during that time. My companion looked at me and said, "But it's suppose to rain tomorrow." Koreans have a little "fear" of rain. They hate the rain. First things first, they believe that the pollution in the rain makes you bald! I really wanted to tract and find people, and I felt that was the right thing to do. Boldly, but lovingly I said, "I don't care if it's raining tomorrow. We're going to tract it's what we need to do."
      The next day arrived and sure enough, it was raining.... way hard. So keeping my word, we went out and started to tract. We walked for about an hour, were soaked from head to foot and were having no luck at all talking to people. It was really hard. We were soaked, wet, and trying our best, but it wasn't working. We took a break, and were siting there standing in the rain, wondering what we were suppose to do. I was ready to go home to be honest. Just as I was about to say that, a voice yelled at us, "Are you the Mormons?" I turned around and there stood this tiny little lady from the Philippines, speaking in English. I was astounded. She explained to us her situation and told us that she was a member and had been looking for the church for seven years in Korea, and had never been able to find it. She was a convert from the Philippines, despite going against her family, and had been hoping to find the missionaries or find the church. The excitement shown in her eyes because she finally found it. She took us to grab a quick bite to eat before we ran home in the rain for the night.
      As I've pondered on this experience, there's no doubt that the spirit is the thing that guides our lives. This week we were desperate for people to teach and no matter what it took, we knew we needed to tract. I knew that the spirit told me to go out in the rain and try to find people. Despite getting soaked, it was an experience I will never forget.
      In our lives, if we simply have faith, hope, and love, we can truly do anything. If we have faith in Jesus Christ, and hope in Him and all that He is, that will turn into the love that we need for those around us. This week was so much fun as I had the greatest experience in finding people and teaching. I felt an instant love for them. I know that as we push forward despite the circumstances we can't control in faith, hope, and love, we'll receive all that the Savior is willing to give us. Even though it's hard, I'm learning that the Lord strengthens us in order to help ourselves, in order to turn outward to others. I'm so grateful for His love.
      I know the spirit guides this work. I know that Christ loves us, and all the people around us. I'm so grateful to be a missionary serving in this eternal work. This week I've experienced that perfect joy that spreading the gospel brings. So grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
      Thanks for the support I love and miss you guys. I'm so grateful for every single one of you. I pray for you daily and am always thinking about you guys. Have a great week!

Elder Roper

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