Monday, May 2, 2016

Focus On What We Can Do

Hey everybody?? Another week already flown by??
     Well me and my trainee survived our first transfer and we'll be serving in Gumi again for the next six weeks. Most likely to be my last so I have to see what miracles we get (: This week it was a little slow on missionary work. We had some struggles, some investigators bailed on appointments, and a few others things, but all in all, we still have a couple investigators with some great potential. It's been a great week.
     This week I get to reflect back on the happiest day of my life as well. Three years ago today my family was sealed for time and all eternity in the Manti temple. A day that I will never forget, and truly the happiest day of my life. I bear you my witness that families are eternal and the core of this gospel. I'm so grateful for the gospel and that through it, we can experience the joys of eternity. This life is nothing more than a stepping stone to that of eternal worth. I know it's true and so grateful that my family got that eternal experience.
     I've been thinking a lot about some things that my investigator told me this past week. He's a man from New York who's lived in seven different countries teaching english, has overcome cancer, and is still in the service of his Heavenly Father. He's originally a catholic, but has a strong devotion to serve Jesus Christ. This week he told us, "If it wasn't for Jesus Christ, there would be no hope. No chances. No chance of progress. I live for Jesus Christ, because I know that in Him lies my only and greatest hope." As I've pondered and reflected upon that, I couldn't help but think, what if we didn't have a Savior. There would be no hope. There would be no chances. We would be living to simply pass the time. But luckily for us, we have a greater view of the eternal to come.
     Another experience that entered my heart this week was that when our new Elders Quorum President gave us a call and requested a meeting. He speaks no Korean, and works over five days a week. He sat down and looked at us and simply said, "Elders... I can't do this. There's nothing I can do to help this ward out."  As I looked at this man, I could see the stress but I knew that he was the right man. The advice we gave him was that as easy as it is to focus on the things that we can't do, we need to learn to look on the things that we can do. When we look negative, we find negative. We look positive, we find positive. Even as missionaries, we can do very little. However, we can simply testify of Jesus Christ and that is enough to touch the lives of others. May we forever focus on what we can do, instead of what we can't do. As we do so, our lives will be filled with more happiness and less disappointments, for I know that Christ is anxious to help us to magnify our callings and the things we have to do.
     I'm grateful for this gospel. I know that the gospel has been restored to the church. I'm grateful for the wonderful people I get to meet every day. They have places in my heart that will never be replaced. Missionary work is more than simply teaching but strengthening those who are in need of it. I'm grateful that these wonderful people have been placed in my path. I love this work, and I love this gospel. I testify that it is true. Thanks for all the love and support you all give me. I'm so blessed. I love you all and can't thank you enough.

Elder Roper

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