Monday, June 6, 2016


Hey everybody! Great to talk to you all every week!
     This week was one filled with a lot of miracles. In sum, we met an investigator who has a lot of potential. He heard so many rumors about our church, and wanted to know. We finally got to meet with him this week and discern his concerns. He's had so many spiritual experiences in his life but he doesn't trace them to the spirit. We're working on helping him to discern the spirit and have the faith to know that the power of the Holy Ghost can't simply be made up. That it's a power beyond our own. It was a great week with some wonderful people, and a wonderful sense of the spirit.
     This week I've been thinking a lot about choices. Three years ago, on June 5th, I watched my sister walk into the MTC. I remember I lost a part of me that day, and it always felt as though something was missing. I remember at the same I didn't support her decision to serve, or support what she was doing. However, her choice to serve has resulted in me being where I am at today. The choices we make, the things we do, truly shape who we are in our lives.
     When Whit came home off her mission, I told a story of train operator who went to the train station every day with his son. Every day his son would play while his dad worked. One day, to the dad's horror, the son fell onto the tracks with no escape or way to get out. With two trains coming, the dad could either crash the two trains, or send the trains in their normal directions, killing his son. He pulled the lever, and watched as his son was ran over. The dad ran in horror and watched all the people get off the train. The happy, the sad, the addicts, the depressed. He had made the decision to sacrifice his son, but saved others in the process.
     In the mission field, we're faced with choices each and every day to "talk to this person" or "study this principle" but there's more beyond that. Every single decision we make as missionaries either brings us closer to God or farther from him. Like the father in the story, we sometimes need to make the decision to sacrifice things that we love for those around us. Not only does every choice affect us, but all those around us. Every thing we do, someone sees. Everything we do, can influence someone. May we all pull the lever, and make the choices that will bring us closer to God and help us to feel of His love. That one decision my sister made resulted in my family's sealing, and my mission, no less to mention the things that I can't see. We don't know how much good we do through simple every day choices. May we be like President Monson mentioned, "Always choose the harder right, than the easier wrong."
     I love this gospel and this work. I love the Holy Ghost and its influence in my life. I'm so grateful for its guidance and direction. I love my Savior more than words will be able to describe, and testify of this gospel.
     Thanks for the love and support. I am so grateful for all that you guys do for me. I'm so blessed by those around me (: Thanks for everything, it means the world. Love you all so dearly.

Elder Roper

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