Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Split in the Road

Hey everybody!
      Another week has already flown by?? This week was to say the least... a pretty dang tough week out here as far as missionary work goes. This week we started out with over ten investigators! But after calls, meeting a few, a realizing the true intent of some, we're down to about two or three, and they're really struggling to progress. To make matters worse, our investigator won't receive baptism this Saturday because he doesn't have permission from his parents. It's been a frustrating week, but hey... things always work out as we do our part right?? Haha
      This week I kept thinking a lot about the "paths" in our lives. In our lives, it seems like we all have these decisions placed before us and we have to choose. We have to make a decision not exactly knowing where either will go. In missionary work, it seems like all these paths are placed before us. For our investigators, for ourselves, for others. I never know with a surety of where I'm going, but I know that as we rely on Christ He'll direct the path.
      This last year I was fortunate to draw a cougar tag and was excited one day as my dad called me and said to leave school so I could come chase a lion they were chasing. I hurriedly left school and headed for the mountains. I reached the placed and took off on my snowmobile alone, knowing my dad would meet me along the road as I traveled to the place. I had only traveled this place once, and didn't know the area too well, and was a little nervous as I traveled. My fear was realized as I came to a split in the road. Both were well traveled and I didn't know which one to take. I decided that I would just sit there and wait until my dad showed up. However, with me being impatient, wanting to hunt, and with time running out, I said a simple prayer to Heavenly Father. "Heavenly Father, please help me to take the right path. Help me to choose the right way so I can find my dad." As I closed I sat there for a minute or two, and had a feeling that I was to go to the right... so I did.
      Traveling for what seemed like forever, in unfamiliar territory I felt a great sigh of relief when I saw my dad traveling my way on his snowmobile. I can't tell you of the fear I had in making that decision, but I trusted my heart, trusted the spirit, and it led me to my dad, who had been trying to find me.
      In our lives we're given paths, and we have no idea where we're suppose to go. Sometimes we're afraid to make decisions, and follow a path. However, as we turn to the Lord, and listen to the promptings of the spirit, trusting in what we know, we'll find our Father in Heaven who is diligently looking for us. As the relief I felt when I found my dad that day was true, I can only imagine what we'll feel when our Heavenly Father meets us along the way. All we have to do is choose the path that we think we should. God doesn't tell us every little thing to do. Instead, He lets us act, and then guides us based on our decisions, letting us know if it's right or not. He's always searching for us. Even for those of us who have taken wrong paths, He's always searching for us and will not stop until we are found.
      I'm grateful for Jesus Christ and all that He gives us. I'm grateful for agency and the opportunity to choose for myself my path, knowing He'll guide my decisions, both good and bad. He lives and loves us. He knows us personally. I'm so grateful that He's always found me in my life, along good paths and bad.
      I'm grateful for the support and love as always. I feel the prayers. I pray for you all and am truly so grateful to have such incredible people in my life. Thanks so much for everything.

Elder Roper

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