Monday, February 8, 2016

He Took My "Lickens" For Me

Hey everybody!
      What a crazy week! We got transfer calls this week and I'll be staying in Gumi for another transfer! This week we were able to find some new investigators and have some really good potentials for this next one. I'll be getting my new companion here really quick and he's another native Korean that speaks very little english so my Korean speaking ability is gonna be a tested a bit! Wish me luck! Haha
      When I was a little boy I remember reading a book called "He took my Lickens for Me." As I've been studying Christ and His life, this book kept popping into my mind. I'd like to share it with you from what I could remember!
      There was an all boys school that was known to be extremely loud and rough. It was said that no teachers could handle this group of young boys. Teacher and teacher went in and got scared out, until one young man decided to take the class. The first thing the new teacher decided to do was set new class rules. He asked the class what the rules should be. One kid yelled, "No cheating," another yelled, "No Stealing!" The list went on and on until there was a good list of rules. The teacher looked at them and then said, "Alright, now we need a punishment if any of these rules are broken." The young men yelled out different rules, but the one that stayed was, if any rule was broken, the young man would get ten lickens across his back with a rod with no shirt on.
      A few days went by and a rule was broken. The biggest, toughest kid in class one day was upset because his lunch was gone. They looked for the suspect and found that the smallest young man in the class had stolen his lunch. "I'm sorry, but I was mighty hungry," said the young man. Everybody knew the young man was so poor, and all felt bad for the young man. However, the teacher, knowing he had to keep punishment, told the young man that he would have to get the lickens. The young man, frail, and fragile said, "I'll do it but please don't make me take off my shirt." The teacher, although sympathetic said, "I'm sorry, but that's the rule." The young man took his shirt off and everyone's fears were realized. He had no shirt on underneath. "Why aren't you wearing a shirt," the teacher asked. The young boy then responded, "My momma is doing laundry today, and I only have two shirts." Feeling awful the teacher knew he had to carry out the punishment still. Just as he was preparing to beat the young man, a yell came from the back of the room. "I'll take his lickens for him."
      The man who had his lunch stolen stood up and said he'd do it. Everyone looked around wondering if he could do that. The teacher said there was no rule against it. And so the man took off his top shirt and began to be beaten with the rod. However, after a few strokes, the rod broke across his back. The young man stood up from the beating to find the small, frail young man in tears saying, "I will be forever grateful for you because you took my lickens for me."
      As I've served my mission I've felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude that Christ took my lickens for me. Despite me always failing, struggling, and "breaking the rules", He still sacrifices Himself for me. Despite me always falling short, He's there. He took on all our pains, our sorrows, our struggles. He took on every inadequacy we have. He took the rod to His back for us by taking upon Him the agony in Gethsemane and by carrying His own cross to Golgotha. He took our lickens as the nails were pounded in His hands, wrists, and feet. On days when I forever fall short, all I have to remember is that He took my lickens for me.
      I love my Savior. I feel His presence so greatly in my life. I've never felt so loved. I know He lives and that He knows us. He overcame the consequences of justice through the mercy which He has so fully offered us all. Like the young man in the story, "I will be forever grateful because He took my lickens for me."
      I love you all and miss you greatly. Thanks everybody for everything. I have the best support and can't thank you enough. Talk to ya'll next week!

Elder Roper 

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